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Forenindex » International Bulletin boards » Technical topics » Can I trust on a new 2,2cdi engine?
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Can I trust on a new 2,2cdi engine? [message #282035] Sat, 27 October 2012 12:41 Zum nächsten Beitrag gehen
bionicon ist gerade offline bionicon
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Espace Freund
I'm considering buying a Grand Espace 2,2cdi 2006 Automatic, 240,000km's
the car is in a workshop to get a new 2,2 engine at the moment. I'm scared from reding all the horror stories about all the turbo and total engine breakdowns on 2,2L and 3,0L engines.
Because of that I have been searching for a 2007 or newer with 2,0T or 2,0dci, but the only newer cars then 2006 I can finde around here is 1,9dci.
I have searhed, but have not found any information on modifications in the 2,2dci to avoid the cracing manifold, bad lubrication and other fatal problems on the PSA engines.
Is a new 2,2dci engine any different then older engines that hav broken down?
Any input is appriciated!
Re: Can I trust on a new 2,2cdi engine? [message #282090 antworten auf 282035 ] Sat, 27 October 2012 22:09 Zum vorherigen Beitrag gehen
Classic Uli
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Hi Gunnar
and welcome among the Espace friends!

The 2.2 dCi isn't generally a bad machine. About 50% of all Espace sold in Germany in 2002-2005 were equipped with that engine and the absolute number of engine defects is less than with the 3.0 dCi, which had around 10% share.

But on the other hand in the JK model with 150 hp it is not as reliable as it was in the JE with 130 hp. Failures after +/- 150.000 km are not so rare as they should be. So if you search for a car to carry you 300.000 kms in the next years the 2.2 dCi may be the wrong engine. If you think about 100.000 km and sell it afterwards you should have not more problems than with any other engine.

Hope this helps,
best regards

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