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Espace JE Central Locking [message #104541] Sun, 23 March 2008 13:48 Zum nächsten Beitrag gehen
I have an 2001 Grand Espace 2.2dCi Expression and recently the 'plip' keys fail to operate the central locking.

I have tried to re-sync the keys using the standard procedure and this did not work. I took the car to a Renault dealer who advised that the problem appears to be that the RF receiver for the keys must be faulty and that this is part of the instrument panel and to get it working, the car will need a new instrument panel.

I have a friend with a similar car and the same problem.

Where is the RF receiver in the instrument panel and can it be repaired/replaced without changing the whole panel?

Any help would be much appreciated
Re: Espace JE Central Locking [message #104900 antworten auf 104541 ] Wed, 26 March 2008 09:48 Zum vorherigen Beitrag gehenZum nächsten Beitrag gehen
JEtzt oder nie ist gerade offline JEtzt oder nie
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Alter Hase
it is true that the RF receiver is a part of the display panel, but nevertheless it can (theoretically) be changed, because it is on a separate PCB and connected to the main PCB by a small flat cable. One problem will be that this part is no spare part, the other problem that the receiver is possibly not the reason for the malfunction. The signal coming out of the receiver is converted on the display PCB, and the failure may as well come from there.
The most realistic way to get rid of your problem without changing the display electronics is to install an universal wireless remote control.
BUT:To do this you need some technical understanding, because the automatic power shut-off of the car has to be duped.
I have done this operation some years ago; when you feel fit to do this too I can try to give you the necessary hints.

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Re: Espace JE Central Locking [message #118211 antworten auf 104541 ] Sun, 27 July 2008 19:51 Zum vorherigen Beitrag gehen
This is due to instrument panel failure and a new panel is the only cure. More will probably fail on it so installing another remote system will not be a good solution.
Also note that a second hand instrument panel will not be able to reprogram/sync your keys as the panel not reprogrammable once programmet (keys that is). If you get second hand panel you must get the RF keypad/print along with it but keep the transponder ship from your keys in order for the immobiliser to work.
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